For Students

Scientific Resources

Below are a number of resources everybody working on mathematical physics related to string theory should know.

  • You should make a habit of checking new papers appearing on the arXiv in hep/th and math/ph every day. Also, use review papers and lecture notes published on the arXiv to learn new topics.

  • THE database for publications related to high-energy-physics and string theory is inSPIRE, which allows you to access various versions of papers and find references and citations.

  • The nLab is an incredibly rich and useful resource. The requirements for understanding many entries are sometimes a little high, but once you’re happy with the language (mostly higher category theory), you don’t want to look back. The nLab contains mathematical definitions/theorems/literature as well as entries on topics in string theory and mathematical physics. The latter are usually phrased in the appropriate mathematical language one should use.

  • Do an online search for PhD theses to learn new topics. They often contain nice explanations at your level. Before reading a paper, search for corresponding online seminar talks (maybe even on YouTube) and have a look at them.

  • A huge collection of lecture notes and review papers in all areas of physics can be found at The Net Advance of Physics.

  • This week’s find in mathematical physics by John Baez. A classic, unfortunately discontinued. The perfect website to read when you’re procrastinating from your actual research. At least time is not wasted there.

General Advice
  • Find and read some online style guides and writing tips for scientists.
  • Try to write a little every day.
  • Don’t have too many paper notes around, LaTeX them. It doesn’t take as much time as you think it does.
  • If you publish with me, please follow my Style Guide. The latter is work in progress and constantly updated. Suggestions for improvement are welcome. Also, please use my BibTeX Style File.
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