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Christian Saemann
Professor in Mathematical Physics


Basic research is like shooting an arrow into the air and, where it lands, painting a target.

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Refereed Journal Papers


T. Macrelli, C. Saemann and M. Wolf, Scattering Amplitude Recursion Relations in BV Quantisable Theories, Phys. Rev. D 100 (2019) 045017 [1903.05713 [hep-th]].


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Review Papers


C. Saemann, M-Brane Models and Loop Spaces, Mod. Phys. Lett. A 27 (2012) 1230019 [1206.0432 [hep-th]].

Conference proceedings


C. Saemann, Higher Structures, Self-Dual Strings and 6d Superconformal Field Theories, in: ``Higher Structures in M-Theory,'' proceedings of the LMS/EPSRC Durham Symposium, 12-18 August 2018 [1903.02888 [hep-th]].


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Book chapters


P. Cartier, C. DeWitt-Morette, M. Ihl and C. Saemann, Supermanifolds - Application to Supersymmetry, in: ``Multiple facets of quantization and supersymmetry: Michael Marinov memorial volume'', Eds. M. Olshanetsky and A. Vainshtein, World Scientific (2002) [math-ph/0202026]; MathSciNet.

PhD Thesis

My PhD thesis with the title "Aspects of Twistor Geometry and Supersymmetric Field Theories within Superstring Theory" is concerned with essentially two topics: non-anticommutative field theories and twistor string theory. The (major) part on twistor theory contains a hopefully useful introduction to the basics of this subject. And here are the transparencies of the talk with which I defended my thesis.

Master Thesis

My master thesis is about a new representation for bosonic and fermionic Fock spaces using differential forms on supermanifolds. It contains an introduction to supermathematics and a discussion of the Fermi oscillator and its representation by functions of odd (anticommuting) variables.

Undergraduate studies

As an undergraduate student, I had to do quite some experimental projects, although I always wanted to do high-energy theory later on. But, I have to admit, I had much fun with these projects, and did not regret having to do them at all.

First, there was this project for the production and characterization of nano-silverclusters on HOPG in the group of Prof. Gerber in Würzburg.

The second important project had to do with the MINOS experiment. Together with Matthias Ihl, I measured the effect of a magnetic field on the light yield on certain scintillator material, the results of which are found here.

Other Essays

Inspired by Ernst Peter Fischer's book Das Schöne und das Biest as well as Proofs from THE BOOK by Martin Aigner and Günter M. Ziegler, I spent some time thinking about beauty in mathematics and physics, the results of which can be read here.

Also interesting might be my short notes on spinors, a review on two-dimensional string theory (however, in French) and transparencies on reconstructions of trajectories for double star systems (this one is in German).

For a seminar in mathematics, I wrote a small comment about Eulers Formel und Picks Theorem. Fascinated by the golden section and its relation to many aspects of mathematics, I wrote some short notes.