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Department of Mathematics
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Christian Saemann
Professor in Mathematical Physics

For Students

An rud is annamh is iontach.
(What is strange is wonderful.)

Scientific resources

Below is a number of resources everybody working on mathematical physics related to string theory should know.

General advice

Find and read some online style guides and writing tips for scientists. Try to write every day a bit. Don't have too many paper notes around, LaTeX them. It doesn't take as much time as you think it does. If you publish with me, please follow my Style Guide. The latter is work in progress and constantly updated. Suggestions for improvement are welcome. Also, please use my BibTeX Style File.

The Lab Notebook

Here is my "Lab Notebook". This is a very rough and unpolished collection of references, definitions, results, descriptions, formulas and other useful things for me and my students. A lot is copy/pasted from my papers and lecture notes. This is very much work in progress never meant to be original. Suggestions for improvement and corrections are very welcome.